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Friday, February 25, 2011

We're sorry...

Just wanted to update everyone on Collin and write an official apology letter to anyone who may have been in the Flowery Branch Target today. We just couldn't take it anymore. We had to get out of the house. He has still been running a fever around 101. That's 6 days! But he was really good about covering his mouth when he coughed. He still seems a little tired (and he's pretty much STILL getting unlimited TV, movies, etc.). We did get some new color wonder markers with a new Cars coloring book in hopes of finding something else he can do while lounging on the couch. Until today, we hadn't ventured out of the house except out of necessity (Publix for more Tylenol and preschool registration). So today, we just HAD to go and buy a couple of birthday presents, some diapers, and some oatmeal.

Speaking of oatmeal...the main effect of this whole flu ordeal has been an absolute lack of appetite. I mean, I have pulled out all the tricks, and nothing has worked. We're talking milkshakes, Sonic, McDonalds, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, etc. All favorites which would normally be gobbled right up. How long can a preschooler go with a few bites of food at every meal? And also, how many days in a row can he take Tylenol? (Sidenote: That sentence used to say "how long can a toddler go with a few bites". I guess it's time to say "preschooler".)

Hopefully we're on our way back up. In the meantime, we'll keep spraying that Lysol in hopes that no one else gets sick!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

15 Months!

Katelyn Leigh, you are 15 months old today! You are growing up so fast and are developing quite a little personality. We love it. Here is what you have been up to this month:

You love to make us laugh with your silly faces. You stick your tongue out at yourself in the mirror.

You think every animal (almost) says woof woof. Except for bears and lions (grrr!) and bees (buzzzzzz).

You love to play "chase" with your brother.

You love to throw your food on the floor when you are finished eating.

You love to play with the items in mommy's bathroom cabinet. I think you might be a girly girl. I can't wait. You imitate me brushing my hair, drying my hair, and putting on hand sanitizer. So cute!

You also love to play with (i.e. take everything out of) the pantry.

You love to "walk" around the house...on your knees.

You took your first steps a few days ago. It was a priceless moment.
You throw everything out of your crib before you fall asleep for nap and when you wake up in the mornings. Pacis, baby, socks. Not blankie.

You love to dance. And clap your hands to the music. Especially to Little Einsteins and Backyardigans.

You try to do forward rolls like your brother. You usually just end up standing in "bearwalk" position until you get tired.

You will not keep socks on your feet. You ask me to put them on, just so you can take them off. You also HATE to stand up barefoot in the grass or on the sidewalk. Really? Both of you?

You played in the sandbox for the first time today. At first you weren't sure, and you liked playing with the pinestraw more than the sand.
You were just teasing Mommy about the hairbows last month. You still won't wear them. And your hair is getting longer and longer so they will be a necessity soon.

You are down to 1 bottle a day, at bedtime.

You still love fruit, yogurt, any carbohydrate, and green beans. Your new favorite snacks are cereal bars.

You are still doing great at naptime and bedtime. Good naps and still sleeping all night!

You love climbing. Your new favorite place to play? On top of the fireplace or the stepstool in your bathroom. Thanks Gymboree!

You love to brush your teeth. And you have 11 of them now. And #12 will be here really soon.
You still don't love to ride in the car.

You love to read your books. And take every book out of the basket.

Words you say: mama, dada, uh oh, yucky, baby, and a (not really) close attempt of Collin. Last week, you put 2 words together and imitated mommy saying "uh oh baby".

You spent a lot of your time this month looking at preschools with Mommy and Collin. I think we went to at least 10. You will be joining your brother at Celebration Academy for a Mother's Morning Out program two days a week beginning in September! After looking at so many places, Mommy is confident that you will love your new school and will learn lots of new things!

You don't love to look at the camera when you're having your picture taken. This slideshow from your 15 month "photo shoot" is a little repetitive (because you wouldn't look at the camera), but it shows a lot of your different faces that are making up your sweet little growing personality. Happy 15 months sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A happy ending?

So I had intentions to blog tonight solely about the fact that Collin came down with the flu on Saturday evening and has been running a fever ever since. But thankfully, the story has a surprise happy ending (so keep reading, but don't skip to the end!). Anyway, Collin started running a fever on Saturday night on the way home from visiting his Aunt Kelli, Uncle Jason, and cousins Carter and Campbell. The kids had a blast at the playground and we all enjoyed some Robin's Nest for dinner and birthday cupcakes for dessert. (Carter missed Collin's party thanks to a nasty stomach bug. We are so ready for spring!). His fever stayed constant until early Tuesday morning. I thought it might have been from his immunizations on Thursday, until it came back in full force that afternoon. We finally headed to the doctor right before they closed, and she confirmed that he has the flu (type B). So, needless to say, we've spent the past few days like this:a lot of thisstill a lot of thisand even a little bit of this.Happy ending #1: Collin's fever was much lower today and he only needed tylenol right when he woke up and when he went to bed. Hopefully, it's over!

The surprise happy ending was compliments of Katelyn right before bedtime tonight:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 years old!

Collin turned 4 two weeks ago, and today we went for his 4 year checkup. Here's what he's been up to, how big he's getting, and some of his favorites.
He is 37 1/2 lbs! Finally above the 50th %ile for weight. He is 42 3/4 inches tall. Still 97th %ile. BMI is at 10%. He wears sizes 4 and 5. He needs slim jeans/pants or adjustable waist. He wears a size 10 or 11 shoe.

He is healthy! His pediatrician and I realized today that he hadn't been seen since his 3 year old checkup.

He passed his vision and hearing screening.

One of his heel cords is tight, since he walks on his toes a lot. I thought it was the right one in the office, but tonight when I checked I think it was the left. I think we need our favorite PT, Maggie, to take a look at him and give us some ideas and suggestions.

He also got 5 (FIVE!) shots today immunizing him against 9 viruses/diseases. I mean really. I was not happy about it. We were well prepared for a shot, but not 5! I gave Collin the choice of getting 3 today and 2 another day, but he chose to get them over with. Smart boy. That second trip would have been awful considering the ear piercing scream Katelyn and I endured for at least 5 minutes. But he did great considering and got to pick 2 prizes from the treasure chest.

Speaking of the treasure chest, he sure does love his little sister. He picked out his two prizes after getting stuck 5 times in his legs. 1 for himself and 1 for Katelyn. Now that's a good big brother if I've ever seen one.

He can't wait for Katelyn to wake up, always hugs and kisses her goodnight, brings her snacks, and sings her songs when she is fussy. He doesn't always like to share his toys.

And speaking of being a big boy, he went to the dentist for the first time last week and did great! I wasn't sure what to expect from him, but he did not resist at all and has perfectly healthy teeth! Needless to say, between last Thursday and today, we've gone to Target a few times to pick out prizes.

And speaking of Target, he LOVES that place. And not just because sometimes he gets prizes. He always wants to eat there. He loves their macaroni and cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is probably one of his favorite foods. Others are pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, any fruit (especially blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and mandarin oranges), cheese, pizza, tacos, chicken nuggets, salad, hot dogs, chips, cereal bars, and fruit snacks.

His favorite toys are all of his Toy Story toys, anything that has a remote control (Buzz, RC, cars, helicopter), legos, anything he can connect/attach to something (trains, strings, suction cups, etc), checkers, card games, blocks, and balloons.

Outside he loves to play bubbles, drive his truck, ride his tricycle, throw the frisbee, play soccer, fly his kite, and play on his playground. He also loves to go on walks.

His favorite "messy toys" are his moon sand, playdoh, color changing cars, paint, and stamps. He loves art stuff and loves to use scissors and glue. He made some valentine cards this year, and I learned that he can cut out shapes very well. He can put 25 piece puzzles together with flying colors. He is now working on a 550 piece puzzle, but is requiring a good bit of help.

He loves to watch TV, watch movies, play his computer, play my computer, and play the Wii. Yes, I limit his time with all of these. Here are his favorites: TV: Backyardigans, Diego, Scooby Doo, Little Einsteins, Chuggington, Team Umizoomi, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the Wonder Pets. Movies: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Veggie Tales, Up, Monsters Inc, Stuart Little, Bolt, Wall-E, Cars, and the Land Before Time. Game: the original Super Mario Brothers.

He can write his first name correctly in upper and lower case letters. He can draw a square and a triangle. He recognizes all of his letters and knows a lot of the letter sounds. He can recognize the names of the other children in his classroom. He can write almost all of his capital letters. He holds his pencil correctly. He is starting to learn rhyming words. He can draw a detailed drawing of a person. He is starting to attempt to draw other objects. He knows his right from his left. He can count to 20 and can recognize numbers up to at least 30. He can dress himself independently including buttons, snaps, and zippers. He picks out his clothes most of the time, too.

He has become less attached to the stuffed animals in his bed, but more attached to his blankie.

He goes to sleep around 8:30 and sleeps until around 7:30. I still use a monitor in his room, so almost every morning I wake up to "Mommy, I'm ready to wake up, Mommy." Over and over again. He wakes up happy and ready to play most days. He does not nap or even have a rest time anymore.

He is starting to require a little less of a routine. Mornings used to be 1. drink a yogurt shake it (yogurt smoothie) and 2. watch a show. Now it's 1. drink a yogurt shake it and 2. whatever he decides to do first that morning. Sometimes he doesn't even want his yogurt shake it.

He likes to sing in the car. His favorite song to sing? Photograph. Yes, Nickelback.

He is starting preschool/preK in the fall and we've spent the last week or so checking out schools. We plan to make the decision on where he will go by the end of next week. He is okay with possibly switching schools.

At least 10 times a day, I hear "Mommy?!" as if he needs something or something is wrong. I say "Yes?". He says "I love you."

We love you too little buddy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just because...

...I finally got around to attempting to take some pictures with my camera (in manual). ...it was just Kate and I while Daddy and Collin were at Home Depot....I am trying to learn to edit pictures and thinking of getting a new program.
...she's just so darn cute.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Apparently when you turn 4...

you're supposed to celebrate like it's your birthday for 4 straight days. For Collin, it started on Wednesday (the day before his birthday). Unless you count Tuesday as well since that's when we baked and decorated the cupcakes for school. But on Wednesday when we arrived at his school with cupcakes in hand, there was a Happy Birthday Collin sign on the door. He also got to wear a birthday crown, eat from a special plate, and lead the class during Bus Fair (gymnastics class on a mobile gym bus). And of course eat the cupcakes for morning snack.

Thursday (his actual birthday), he opened his present from mommy, daddy, and Katelyn as soon as he woke up. I think it was a hit. Mommy and Daddy sort of think it's fun too.

We continued the day with lunch at Shanes (Collin's pick) with daddy, Ginny, and Michael. (Note that Shanes Rib Shack is also the location where, on numerous occasions, Collin has informed us he is marrying Macey). I guess Collin was really full, because he didn't even want a cupcake for dessert. Katelyn sure enjoyed one though.After Katelyn's nap, we headed down to open gym at Gymboree (also Collin's choice for his birthday activity). We started classes there last Monday, and they are really enjoying it. Katelyn has become quite the little climber and Collin loves helping the teacher.

Finally, we ordered Papa Johns for dinner and had a little birthday party at home (complete with party hats and yes, more cupcakes!).

Friday, we played at home (mostly with the new remote control Buzz), cleaned up the house, and went to Wal Mart (in the pouring rain) to pick up his birthday cake and some more last minute groceries.

And finally Saturday was the big Backyardigans "Polka Palace Party" he's been talking about for 6 months. We went with a Backyardigans theme party with a little bit of western/polka. The kids made drums, danced to polka music, and played giraffalaff limbo (courtesty of Auntie Joy). I think Collin and his friends had a great time. Here are lots of pictures from the party:Happy 4th Birthday Collin David! We love you to outer space and back (Collin's favorite version of Guess How Much I Love You).

Now back to searching for preschools!