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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

17 Months!

Katelyn, you are 17 months old today!The past week or so has been rough, I won't lie, but we still love you to pieces. All four of your pointy teeth are making their appearance and apparently, it hurts pretty bad. You have been incredibly fussy and just about stopped eating all together. I mean, you were throwing EVERYTHING on the floor. I finally decided I'd had enough and switched you to your booster seat to see if that would make a difference. So far, it has! Maybe you were just telling me you were a big girl now and no longer needed the high chair. I have also been sitting your entire plate in front of you with a spoon and letting you go to town. You are doing pretty well! Here you are this morning with your new setup:
The new teeth haven't interrupted your sleeping too much, but you are waking up about an hour earlier now. You still sleep about 12 hours (~7 pm to 7 am). And you are still taking a good nap after lunch (2-3 hours).

Your consistent words are mama, dada, baba (brother), yucky, uh oh, belly button, and animal noises (meow, baa, woof woof, grrr, ooh ooh ah ah, and sometimes quack quack). You also use the word dada for shoes and nose and the word baba for blanket and paci among other things.

You imitate everything I do. So cute to see you wipe your nose, put on chap stick, put clean diapers in the diaper genie, and shut cabinets with your feet.
You still LOVE shoes. I mean, we will be broke by the time you are 10. You wake up asking for them. You are pretty good at matching pairs and at matching them to your outfit.

But you still hate to shop! You are NEVER happy in a store. Not even Target.

You are BUSY! It takes approximately 10 minutes for you to destroy our house. I cannot even keep up so I've stopped trying.
You are FAST! And you love to climb up stairs. And play hide and seek from mommy. You are also pretty good at finding brother when he is hiding.

You still love your brother. Today, he was reading a book on the floor and you climbed into his lap all by yourself so he would read to you. I pretty much cried.
You also love your daddy. Today when you got hurt, you reached out to him while I was holding you. You may be a daddy's girl.

Speaking of getting hurt, you do not pay attention when you are walking and you run into walls/furniture all of the time. You started walking primarily at the beginning of this month.

You are trying to run.

Slow down little girl...you're growing up too fast!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at the Cabin

This year, we spent Easter at the cabin. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first. But it turned out that packing the four of us up for four days in the mountains was well worth it. What a great time! Collin hadn't been to the cabin since he was too little to remember it, and Katelyn had never been. Actually, I don't think I had even been there myself for 2 years! Here are some (a lot of) pictures from our little vacation:

Thursday before we left, the kids LOVED getting an Easter package in the mail. Thanks so much (you know who you are!)
At the cabin, we spent so much time outside. The kids loved being able to go outside at 8:00 am in their jammies. One of their favorite things to do was blow bubbles on the porch. Katelyn really enjoyed styling her hair with the bubbles :) Collin discovers the ipad. Or "Aunt Kathy's magic book" as he called it all weekend. More bubble solution hair styling.Flowers from Daddy.
Our view from the porch.
Silly boy.
Checking out the caterpillars with Uncle Drew.
Love from Auntie Joy.
And more love from cousin Mandy.
Happy Easter!

Filling up his basket this year!

Telescope time with Uncle Drew. He also went on a walk down to the creek earlier that day with Drew. He LOVES him!
First time in the hot tub.
Favorite present from the bunny.
Checking out the loot.
Collin has already asked quite a few times when we could go back to the cabin. Soon I hope!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catching Up

Wow, I think this might have been the longest I've gone without a post since starting this blog a year ago. At least I have a good excuse. You see, Mike and I now have a nice little home gym in our basement. So my blogging time (and photo editing time) might have turned into exercise time. Probably a good thing. But I still want to make sure I keep this blog up for family (and myself since I can't seem to remember much lately!) and for the kiddos when they get old enough to appreciate it. So here's a quick catch up of this month so far. We've enjoyed the spring weather (except for the thunderstorms), spent lots of time outside, and visited one of Collin's favorite places, Imaginations at Play!

Katelyn got her first real injury. She fell flat on her face on the driveway. From the sound of her nose hitting the concrete, it's amazing it didn't look 100x worse than this:
She also learned how to make faces like her mama. She obviously did NOT want her picture taken with her skinned up nose.And Collin has had a change of heart when it comes to bugs. Last spring/summer, he would not even stay outside if there were bugs around (which was always). And it was a complete catastrophe if there was a bug in the house. This year, he's collecting them. The other day, he had a worm, caterpillar (his favorite), and an unidentified crawler in a bucket in his sandbox. And he was even such a good big brother the other day when he got a bug off of Katelyn's back. Huge deal since he wouldn't dream of touching a bug a year ago. And finally last week we went to Imaginations at Play in Buford. Collin loved this place last summer when we went. Katelyn slept in her carrier for hours that time. This time, she PLAYED and PLAYED and PLAYED. They both had a blast. So thankful yesterdays Groupon was for this place!

Monday, April 4, 2011

O yes, o yes, it's springtime!

(Title courtesy of an episode of Little Einsteins that has been on repeat in our house this weekend.) Although it didn't feel like spring when some of these pics were taken. And I think it's supposed to be pretty chilly tomorrow too. But I'm not really complaining, because I know it will be August and in the 90s before long.

Gymboree bubbles are the best!
Keeping her hat on...
LovePigtails! She kept these in long enough for me to take a picture.
Planting bulbs. I was a little skeptical of this method, but it worked, and Collin had a blast. He got so tired, but he did a great job.

Happy Spring Break!