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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

So this is a little late, but we went to the cabin again for Memorial Day weekend. Mimi, Auntie Joy, Kelli, Carter and Campbell joined us. It was a great time! We went to the lake one day and the kids stayed in the water the entire time. And at the cabin they loved swimming in the hot tub! And after all of the fun with the kiddos, we grown ups even watched a movie each night after they went to bed (Little Fockers and Country Strong...both pretty good!). Here are some pictures of the fun!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We have birdhouses on our back porch, and this spring we discovered that a bluebird family had built a nest in one of them. Now, I have never been a "bird person" or thought too much about them for that matter. But once the eggs hatched, it was amazing to watch the mommy and daddy bluebird bring food to the babies and see their little mouths sticking out of the tiny hole in the birdhouse. (Some of these pictures were taken through my bedroom window, so they may not be too clear.) Then one day, there was no mommy or daddy bluebird. I was a little sad. But it turns out, the whole family is living in our backyard and is working on a new nest in the same birdhouse.Not to mention, we have a nest in one of our rosebushes. I could kick myself for not getting a picture of the cute, tiny blue spotted eggs that were in the nest. But here are the sweet baby birds. Waiting on food to be dropped in their mouths (Collin and I bumped the rosebush trying to get a picture. I guess they thought it was their mommy or daddy).We also have another nest under our deck. It's too high up to see if their are any eggs inside. We're also hoping to grow some of our own fruits and veggies this year. Here's a picture of our first squash, blueberries, and what will hopefully be our first strawberries!We (Mike) also fixed up the playground a bit this year. Hopefully the mulch will help when it rains and it won't be so muddy!And what's a post about our backyard without our friend Rylee?
I knew I wanted a wooded backyard for a reason. (Besides not being able to walk right up into someone else's backyard from mine).