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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can't wait!

I had to post an old video on here, because I can't get it to upload to FB.  It seems Auntie Joy thought that one of these roller coasters would be a great Christmas gift for Katelyn.  So I wanted her to see just how great an idea it was!  This is a video of Katelyn back in August when we went to a jumpy place with Nanna, Kelli, and the kids.  She didn't even jump.  She must have gone on this thing 100 times.  She will be so excited!! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Fun

We decided to do a gingerbread house for the first time this year.  We used a kit since it was the first time.  I've already decided that next year, we're making one from scratch.  Or from a box of gingerbread cookie mix I should say.  This one was simple to put together, but some of the candy that came with the kit wouldn't stick very well.   
Kate looks like she is saying "It's ok Daddy...it doesn't have to be perfect."
Supervising Daddy's work.
Time to add the candy!
Collin directing (what he does best)
Classic Kate
What a gingerbread house looks like when a 4 and 2 year old are in charge.
Giving Mommy love (or so I thought...)
Sneaking more treats!
I think she ate more than she added to the house.
Proud of their finished product.
Just love them to pieces!   
 We continued our holiday fun today as we headed to see Santa!  I had hoped to post a beautiful picture of my two sweet kids sitting in Santa's lap.  But after Kate kicked him in the shin a dozen times as I tried to sit her in his lap, I knew that wasn't going to happen.  But here's a cute pic of my sweet boy and Santa!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Deeds, Christmas Lights, and Little Girls

Our elf on the shelf (Elvie) came to visit again on the evening of Katelyn's birthday!  He's been very mischievous this year.  He's been flying around with birthday balloons, playing with the kids toys, hanging from block towers, and getting into the pantry.  He's even made a mess with marshmallows and hung candy canes on our Christmas tree.  Collin has been talking to the elf a lot more this year.  He has also given him toys to take back to the North Pole for other children on 3 different nights (without any prompting by me!).    I am so proud of him and his big heart :)  Today he received a thank you letter from Santa in return.  Here's one of the bags of toys he packed up for the elf.
 Katelyn being silly (and probably munching on some of those marshmallows that elf left lying around). 

 We decided to put Christmas lights outside this year!  Collin was a big help.

 Katelyn and I were better off just watching.
Katelyn has grown enough now that she can reach all of the doorknobs.  In the same week, she also learned how to lock and unlock the doors and manipulate the childproof knobs that were supposed to keep her in the bathroom with me while I take a shower.  So needless to say, I haven't had much luck keeping her in there with me.  She has a new found interest in just playing by herself in her room lately too.  So basically, I'm taking 5 second showers and getting ready while walking back and forth from my room to hers to check on her about a gazillion times.  She's really into "little girl stuff".  This is how her room looked this morning before we left for school.  (She does still love to make messes!)
 But my favorite part was how all of her babies and stuffed animals were lying around with bibs on!  So cute!