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Saturday, April 28, 2012


The kids had a petting farm at preschool on Thursday, so I was going to post those pictures when I realized I never posted our Easter pictures!  So here they are...
Collin's preschool Easter egg hunt

Kate discovering one of her friends from her class at Collin's party
Katelyn at her party.  So sad I had to miss it, but glad Daddy was able to go (and that he snapped a few pictures for me!)

Enjoying some Easter fun at Nanna's house
On a mission for eggs.
Love this girl.
And this one.
Really gonna miss all the kids playing in this backyard.  But thankful to have mom closer of course!
The boys.
Got one mom!
The Easter bunny brought a boomerang!

And our first Squinkies!
And chap stick!
And chocolate bunnies of course!

Helping Mommy with Easter lunch.
Of course she picked blue BEFORE I got to take Easter pictures!
Ready for another egg hunt!
Learning to throw the boomerang with Papa.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 Here are more pictures from our cruise last month.  Enjoy!
First time staying in a hotel room!

Family putt-putt time

Collin's favorite part was the water slides.  He went on all of them, even the one he wasn't tall enough for!
View of Atlantis from the ship
Ready for the beach!
Waiting with Mimi to get off the ship in Nassau for beach time!
Tired.  But not tired enough for a beach nap.  Too much to do!
Loving the sand
Ready for the clear, blue water

"Where's mommy's camera?"  "There it is."
Our girl ONLY sleeps in her bed.  She was  EXHAUSTED!

Watching brother from the sidelines.  And sneaking into the spraying water every once in a while.  Shhh!
Build a bear.  
Or "quack quack"
Or scuba diving monkey.

All dressed up after the family scavenger hunt.  We didn't win, but we had fun!