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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Happy 3rd Birthday to our little turkey!!  I know I (and every other mother) say it all the time, but I cannot believe it has been THREE years since you came into our lives.  If there's one thing I absolutely love about the toddler years, it's the funny little things you do and say.  I let Collin say "muz-nik" for music until he was 5.  I still have never corrected him, but I think he's finally figured it out.  Since I know that day will be here all too soon for you as well, I decided to use your 3 year old post to document some of my favorites.  I'm sure I will leave out a few of my favorites, but here goes...
All through my baby book, your Nanna wrote the words "con-artist" during the 2-3s.  I love that you are just like me at your age.  Just tonight at dinner, you cocked your head to the side and simply said "do we have time to go look at Christmas lights?"  It's not ever so much what you say, but how you say it.

Like when I put you in your bed and you look up at me and say "I want to rock just a minute."  Ummm, okay!

I love how your favorite place to go is Publix and you always have to get a "sprinkle cookie."

I love how anything that resembles a newspaper or a magazine is a "coupon".

I love how you can't wait to be 5, so you can swing on the swings at brother's school. 

I love when I'm on the phone, you politely wait until I'm off the phone, and ask me "who are you talking AT?"  You also use the word "that" instead of he or she. 

I love how when I'm getting ready in the morning, we listen to Pandora together.  I can always count on you to "shake it" for Luke Bryan and identify him and Jason Aldean with 100% accuracy.
I love how at the table when you are finished eating, you ALWAYS say, "I dumb" instead of I'm done.  I don't so much love that you don't eat well at meals, but beg me for snacks/candy all day long!  (Enter the con-artist...)

I love that you still say "no me" instead of "I don't" (as in "no me ride in buggy!")

I love how you refer to your baby and your blanket as "baby blanket".  They go together at all times.

I love (sort of) that you love the"Weegles" (i.e. the Wiggles).  I don't really love at all that you love Yo Gabba Gabba but sure love to hear you sing that theme song :)

I don't love that you love "Old McDonalds" but do love that you love "Chee-a-lay" (Chick fil a).

I love that despite all of the Barbie, princess, and strawberry shortcake movies in the car for you, you choose to watch "Fooey Panda"...Kung Fu Panda 2.

I love that when we drop off and pick up Collin from school every day, you absolutely HAVE to roll down your window to wave to the crossing guard.  

I love that you want to do everything "all by myself."
Last month, I loved that you wanted to say HI and GOODNIGHT to the skeletons and ghosts in our neighbors yard.  No fear whatsoever.  Now we get to go see the snowman every day or the Christmas lights.

I love that in the car, you put things in your hup-colder (cupholder).

I really love that you call balloons "bee-moons".

When you get upset about sharing something with your brother, I love that you calm yourself down by asking "brother's turn, my turn?" over and over again.

I love that you can almost beat your brother in Wii Bowling.

I love that you always want to put on your medicine (chap stick) and thanks to a birthday present from your friend Lilia, your "watch medicine" (Lalaloopsy watch with lip gloss)!

I love how you want me to sing "Rock a Bye Baby" and "Ring Around the Rosie" with you all the time.  But only if I turn you upside down for "down will come baby" and "we all fall down".

I love how we have read one particular Christmas book that you keep checking out at the library ALL. YEAR. LONG.  Thankfully, I found the Halloween version as well so we are keeping a little bit of variety in our bedtime stories.

I love your shy little personality and that you still don't really talk a lot in front of people.  You are pretty quiet at school still but as soon as you get in my car in carpool, you are wide open!  I hope others realize that you aren't missing a thing!

  Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!  We love you so much!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

All she wanted was "meow meows" and candy...

Today we celebrated Katelyn's 3rd birthday which is coming up on Monday.  I cannot believe she will be 3 in 2 days!  This morning, she woke up right at 6:00, refused to lay down and go back to sleep, and started singing "Happy Birthday to Kate Kate!"  She asked me if Jason Aldean was coming to her birthday party...where does she come up with these things?  She had a great party with lots of family, friends, cupcakes, candy, and "meow meows" (but no Jason Aldean).  

I spent pretty much all morning trying to keep her out of the candy and/or cupcakes!

Katelyn's Sweet Shoppe

Making candy necklaces!

Not quite big enough to make a necklace...but look at those eyes!

Ready for presents!

Kate sure missed her friends Ethan and Emily today!

Thank y'all so much for the cute PJs!  I love them!

Kate did a great job opening and "reading" her cards today.

We also really missed Gran and Grandaddy today.

Discovering her bedtime baby!

Thank you Gran and Grandaddy!

Campbell patiently waiting for Kate to finish opening her presents!
Happy Birthday to You!

For the third straight year, shy little Kate would not blow out her candles!   Big brother to the rescue!

Nanna helping out with the candy bar.

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Halloween

Collin and Katelyn had a great Halloween this year!  We started off the costumes the week before at karate for trunk or treat.

Katelyn was so darn happy to be out on the karate mat with brother.
Katelyn got to wear her costume again the day before Halloween for her school party and pumpkin patch.  

She was so concerned about her "Abby bows".  This was the day it was so windy and cold here!
This picture explains why we've outgrown all of our clothes...look at those long legs!
She had to show me EVERY piece of candy!
They were both really into trick or treating this year.  Collin loved dressing up and Kate loved the candy!
Mummy dogs on Halloween night!
Cheese! from our little Abby.

Look out!