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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Collin!

Collin turned SIX on February 3rd!  He had a great birthday weekend!  The night before, we went out to eat at a yummy chinese restaurant and then to the Gwinnett Gladiators game. 
For his birthday the next day, we enjoyed the morning at home, went out for lunch at McDonalds (Collin's birthday choice), and then to Skate Country!  I took Collin there for spirit night for his school the Thursday before.  It was his first time at a skating rink, and he did pretty well, so he HAD to go back.  This second trip, he really learned how to balance and roll (instead of trying to run in the skates).  He even got me on skates for the first time in at least 15 years!  I think the 3rd time will be the charm, and he will just take off. 
The following weekend, we had our first birthday party away from home.  Collin chose to have a teenage mutant ninja turtle party at karate!  I think this might have been our most fun birthday party so far.  While I secretly love spending time crafting things for parties and getting the house all set up, I have to say it was really nice to just be able to enjoy the party this time.  And the kids had an absolute BLAST!  Since it was at karate, we were able to invite a LOT of kids.  Collin loved having all of his family and friends there to celebrate with him.  I did make a banner (well, I modified a store bought banner) because it's impossible to find TMNT party supplies that aren't vintage or discontinued (and therefore, really expensive).
Thanks to pinterest, I also made the party favors and can't believe I forgot to take a picture of all 30 of them.  Here's the 3 we had left over.  They were attached to some TMNT mutagen ooze (aka noise putty). 
The birthday boy all ready for the party!
Little sister too.  Again, so excited to be on that mat!
Sweet siblings.
Times two.
One of the highlights...Collin got to be a black belt for the day!
Love this action shot of sweet Ethan!  So glad he finally got out there!
Katelyn just wanted to hang out with Collin's instructor.  She loves him.
Love this one of Lilia too!
Ready for some dodge ball!
Great cousin action shot!
Katelyn won the girls game of dodge ball by just standing there being her sweet self.
Collin breaking his first board!
Love this little throne they made out of karate pads!
Blowing out all 6!
His yummy cookie cake.
Present time!
Can't thank Karate Atlanta enough for this awesome birthday party that I don't think Collin will ever forget!

Happy 6th Birthday Buddy!