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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Kindergarten Graduate!

Collin's looking more like a first grader theses days, especially now that he's losing teeth and begging me to buy his booster seat every day.  (He's still in a carseat because his goes to 52" and he's 51".  Holding on to that one as long as I can!  Plus he's just so skinny I feel like it's safer.  I did tell him I would get it before first grade starts though!).  Anyway, I figured I should post the pictures from his kindergarten graduation and last day of school. 
Looking really worried because I told him I'd be there super early to get a good seat and he didn't see me.  I was on the front row, but he kept looking on the other side!!
And he spots us!
He couldn't wait to sing the songs for us and kept them all a secret until the big performance.
He said he wanted me to cry like I did at preschool!  (I didn't because he's got 5 more years here.  I'll save that for 5th grade.)
Ready to get his diploma!
Our graduate!

Always so serious!
Collin with Daddy and Mommy!
With Nanna and Aunt Kandace!
Our family.
The infamous Christmas Vacation photo.
Collin got the "Sweet Tarts" award for being such a sweet friend :)  So proud of him!
Couldn't have asked for a better teacher for our first year at Spout Springs!
Or a better helper!  Wishing her the best of luck next year with her own class!
Collin and his buddy Alex!

Such a big year.  He's changed so much!
 Congratulations little buddy!  We love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Collin Field Day

 Collin (and Katelyn) had a great time at his Field Day!  Here's quite a few pics from that day.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great weekend celebrating all of our favorite mothers!  First on Saturday, we went out to eat with Mimi, Auntie Joy and Uncle Virgil and back to Mimi's house to play for a bit.  

Mimi and her grandbabies!
We also went to visit Grammie Basham.  She gave the kids some cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries. 
Katelyn seems to be asking, "Mom, can I really have both of these?"
Collin loved the strawberries.  He's still not a fan of cake.
Getting some love from Grammie.

She has such a sweet tooth!
The next day was mom's annual mother's day cookout.  It was great to just relax and spend time with family.
Love this one of Gran posing with Grandaddy, Carter, Carrigan and Kelli in the background.
Carrigan getting a good look at Grandaddy.
Trying to get a good picture of Kelli and Carrigan :)
The kiddos dug a huge hole in Gumpy's grass, so they had to help him plant grass seeds.

Plotting an attack on their brothers I'm sure.

One of those times when Cam just refused to look at the camera.  What a funny phase she's in!
The boys having a blast.
Nanna and Carrigan.
This girl loves to be held!

Almost caught a smile!
It was too cold for the slip and slide...
so Gumpy filled up buckets with warm, bath water!
I'm freezing, but I'm smiling at the camera!

Helping Aunt Kandace fill up water balloons.
Our sweet girl.
Cam was so cold, she would not sit up out of the warm water.

I think they will just crack up at this picture one day.

Ok, I'm freezing, are we done yet?
Happy Mother's Day!