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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another day of firsts...

Katelyn had her first ballet class on Friday!  I was so proud of her...she went right in the door and had fun for a whole hour!  She even made a little friend in class already.  They were giggling and holding hands a lot.  She participated really well too.  Look for her in the Wizard of Oz this spring :)
Katelyn also had her first ever dentist appointment the same day.  And both kids had their first visit with a new pediatric dentist.  They LOVED it (as much as you can love a dentist's office I guess)! 
Dentist tricked him and pulled that tooth that he would not let anyone touch!  Thankfully he wasn't mad and still loves the new dentist!
They loved the treehouse slide INSIDE the waiting room!
Frozen yogurt with extra sugar to celebrate no cavities :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Grade and Three Year Old Preschool

I promise I'm going to go back and post about all of our summer fun, but it's September so I guess it's time to get back into the school routine!  Collin started 1st grade this year and Katelyn started three year old preschool.  Both are doing great so far, love their teachers, and love to learn!  They both amaze me with new knowledge every day!
Collin is really enjoying going to visit his kindergarten teachers in the mornings and has gotten to go and read to their classes a couple of times.  I'm so proud of him for this because I would have been too shy to do that at his age.  Or even now!  At home, he loves to read his chapter books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants) :)  He's also doing well in math and enjoying learning about the weather in science.  He also started the SEARCH program (gifted) this year so I'm hoping he does well with that challenge! 
Picking his desk at open house.
Ready for us to leave to he can get to work!  No tears this year!
After only 3 days of preschool, Katelyn is already talking to her teachers, so I'm thinking we're in for a great year.  I've already been told (for the third preschool year in a row) that she comes alive and is a different child in music.  She loves to sing and dance!  Just wait til they see her in chapel.  And thanks to Ms. Dayna giving her a chapel CD, she is so ready!  She is also now recognizing numbers 1-10, counting to 20, and recognizing most of her upper case letters. 
 We're off to a good start and hoping for a great year!