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Monday, November 25, 2013

Katelyn's Princess Party

Katelyn had her first out of home birthday party today to celebrate her 4th birthday.  After going to Lilia's party at Everland this summer, she has been talking about her princess party at Everland.  Her favorite princess is Ariel, but since Ariel couldn't visit Everland, she chose Cinderella of course!  We had such a great turn out of her friends and family and we are so thankful for everyone who took the time to celebrate with us today. 
So excited getting shoes on and ready to go!
Had to get some pics of our princess before we left.
I knew the curls wouldn't last too long!
Still had to wear her Ariel :)  Her cute little birthday shirt didn't arrive on time, so I had to tell myself over and over that it didn't matter as long as she was happy.  And she definitely was!
Love her to pieces!

So excited when she saw the party room all decked out in Disney Princesses.

Loving on Mimi...
and Nanna!
Her favorite at Everland...the huge air pillow.
Only pic with brother.  He woke up singing Happy Birthday to her :) 
Carrigan and PaPaw.
Kate with two of her faves...Cam and Marley.
Sweet Carrigan.
Sweet sisters.
Party time!
Love all these people who love Katelyn!
Big girl Emily!
Three peas in a pod.
Marley would not put her pizza down!
Our little birthday princess.
Happy Birthday to Katelyn!
Attempt 1.
And 2.
And 3.  Cue meltdown because she only blew out 2 out of 4.  Thanks to her friend Marley for helping with the other 2 :)
Cake makes everything better!
Anxiously awaiting Cinderella.
Here she is!
A little birthday dance with Cinderella!

An attempt at the whole crew.
Katelyn, Cinderella, and Emmaline :)
Kate and Cinderella.
All 5 with PaPaw!

Uncle Virgil looks a little worried :)

Collin and Gigi!
Collin, Gigi, and the birthday girl!
So thankful for a successful 4th birthday party and for all who celebrated with us!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving #1 2013

Well, I'm still going to update the blog from this summer (plus I just realized I haven't posted any Halloween pictures), but just have to keep going so I don't get too far behind.  We had Thanksgiving at Gran and Grandaddy's today and I got some cute pictures so just had to share!  It was a great day spent with family!
Kandace and Carrigan...love them both!
Sweet girl!
Mom had to get an updated pic of Gran and Grandaddy.
Such awesome grandparents...and great grandparents!
Kate was so proud to have TWO cookies!
Cam has days when she doesn't like pictures.  Other days she is definitely into posing.
Such good friends now!
Boys congregating around a screen :)
Minus 1.  Carrigan was taking a great nap, but these 4 are cute.
Love all of these pictures I got of them playing in this yard.  I have so many  memories of playing softball, hunting eggs, and riding the tractor to pick apples in this yard!
Carter trying to "fly".
 Talked Kate into taking some "4 year old" pictures for me.  Looking forward to celebrating our little turkey tomorrow and Tuesday!
 Collin and Carter got in on the portraits too :)
I don't know what it is about these driveway pictures that I love, but I sure do.
Maybe it's remembering how many times I've been up and down this driveway...or maybe it's Kate with a pony in each hand, but either way, I love them. 
Yeah, all five is a bit difficult. 
Sure do love all five though. 

And so thankful for today.