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Monday, February 17, 2014

Fresh and Fun Fridays

Fresh and fun fridays were for trying out fun things we found on Pinterest!  Here's what we did:
Marble race with pool noodles (interest in this lasted about a day)

Painting rocks we found in the creek.  They loved this.

Probably their favorite...glow necklaces in the bathtub!

Our fourth of july fireworks.

Sidewalk paint!

Thinking Thursdays

Trying to write this post just made me laugh.  I was working on Thursdays this summer, so the kids did a lot of playing on Thursdays as they were with either Mimi or Nanna.  But I did take the kids to the library every other week, they participated in the summer reading program, and we did a few science experiments.  And we learned a lot about snakes this summer.  This guy was in our bird house one morning.  Yuck! 

Collin wrote a lot in his summer journal.  Here was his page about the snake in our birdhouse.
Love to see him and his love of reading!

Always wants to be just like brother.
Learning about elasticity by sticking a ton of pencils in a ziploc bag of water :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Collin!

We had a great time last weekend celebrating Collin's 7th birthday with our family and then with his first sleepover party with SIX of his friends (FIVE spent the night)!

Tonight, he and I stayed up until after 10 making his box for Valentines Day at school.  I just cannot believe he is 7 and that he has grown up so much!  I am cherishing these times with him.  I just know that one day soon he will want nothing to do with me (I say this, but I'm not totally sure...he is still quite the mommy's boy!) and his friends (and Minecraft) will take up most of his time, so I am soaking it up!

Collin is always a year early with his birthday party themes.  So far, I've had to come up with Super Why, Toy Story, TMNJ, and now Minecraft.  Always seems like the following year there are party supplies galore to go with his theme!  But this one was pretty fun and easy and I found a lot for free online.  I especially liked the food for this one!
Daddy put together this awesome brownie cake!

I made these "creeper" brownies.

Pin the tail on the pig!

Party favor cups

Daddy made the spiders too.
Excuse all the pics of the food.  I had fun :)

Ready for the party!

Sharing some food with Papa!

Family time!
Ready for presents!

Counting his money :)
My 3 favorite girls.

"Cake" time!

Love this pic!

The boys at dinner.

Pin the tail on the pig.

Cake time (again!)

Only thought the movie would put them to sleep!  3 out of 6 made it to the end of the movie!

And back up to play the Wii at 6 am!   ( I think sleepovers might only happen every other year at least.  Overall, the boys were awesome and it was a successful first sleepover!)

Birthday breakfast.

We went to eat lunch with Collin and took his class glow bracelets since we aren't allowed to bring food anymore.  I think Kate is ready for Kindergarten!  She joined right into their circle time after lunch :)

Happy 7th Birthday Collin!  We love you to the moon and back!