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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun

The past two weekends have still been busy, but with fun fall activities!  I love fall (and I'm not really liking the wintery weather we've had the past couple of days!).  But the past two weekends here have been great fall weather...perfect for fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and hay rides.  

We attempted to go the hot air balloon festival a couple Saturdays ago.  We were there for maybe 30 minutes, but they had some parking issues and Mike couldn't get back in to enjoy the festival with us.  So we saw the firetruck, played on the playground, jumped in a bounce house for a few minutes, Katelyn whined for ice cream the entire time, and we left. 

We went to a tiny little pumpkin patch near our house.  The kids had a blast on the jumpy slide.  Collin rode a pony (can't believe Katelyn didn't ride!  It was her favorite thing this time last year!).  They each picked out a big pumpkin to carve and a little one to paint.

They loved drawing the faces on their pumpkins for Daddy and Mommy to carve.  Neither of them enjoyed cleaning them out.  At all. 
We also went to Gold Rush with Nanna, Gumpy, and Kandace, but I have zero pictures of that trip for some reason!  But we had a great time!  Before it got cold and windy this week, we enjoyed lots of outside time too.  They played outside in the evenings and Kate and I enjoyed walking the neighborhood on the mornings when brother was at school. 
They loved that the trampoline was full of leaves.
Typically my view when we go on walks. 
Listening to the noises in the woods.
Sweet girl.
Look mom!
Looking at a butterfly.
This past weekend, we went to a farm close to us, Liberty Farm.  It was just what we needed.  Close to home and hardly anyone else there!  They loved the jumpy slide, hayride, chickens, bunny rabbits, pumpkins, and snow cones!

Time for the hayride!
Love the looks on their faces when we told them weren't riding with them. 
We did ride with them by the way!
Dear God, please keep me safe on this hayride.  Amen.
Love that Kate is still praying.
Daddy's girl.
And Daddy's little man.
They had a cute little photo spot set up. 
Happy fall y'all!