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Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we were able to stay home all day with our family of four until Mimi, Papa, Grammie Basham, Hollis, Auntie Joy, and Uncle Virgil came over for Christmas dinner.

Collin woke up super early on Christmas morning, but Kate was still sleeping, so we got to snuggle in his bed until she woke up.  It was torture for a 5 year old!  He had no idea what he was getting from Santa, so he was going nuts!  Finally, she woke up and we made them wait together in his room while we got our cameras, etc. 
The first peek at what Santa brought!
Right after I took this picture, we had to remind him to go back in his room and get his sister!!
The punching bag from Santa was a huge hit!
Katelyn was pretty excited about her scooter too. 
Santa forgot that she already had a hello kitty hat, but what a cute picture!
Daddy's ninja turtle shirt from Collin
Our own little Spiderman
Cute pic of Kate opening a gift.
Mario Kart Wii!
This kid is serious about some tae kwon do. 

Great picture of Papa in Katelyn's hat!

Lovin her tutu from Mimi!
Pop the pig!
I love this picture.  Not only because Collin loves his air hockey table from Auntie Joy and Uncle Virgil, but also because that little Kate does not stop thinking about food!
Sharing some custard with Papa!

Well, I said that we celebrated for 4 days straight and we did...in Georgia.  I forgot to mention that we also went out of town for the first time this Christmas.  Next up...our Christmas vacation to see Grammie and Grandpa in Gulfport, MS! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas...

On Christmas Eve, we didn't have anywhere to be until that evening, so we spent the day at home getting ready for Christmas at our house the next day. 
Elvie visited for the last time this year and painted everyone's noses red like Rudolph!
The kids got to open two presents from under the tree.
Collin was hoping for more than winter crocs and Christmas jammies...
but Katelyn was super excited about her Christmas book.  We bought her the one she checks out at the library all year long.

As I packed up the Christmas stuff today, I realized I'll still be checking it out.
Leaving cookies and milk for Santa since we always get home so late!
Don't forget the reindeer!

We usually spend Christmas Eve with Mike's family.  This year, I got some cute photos in front of the fireplace.

VERY patiently waiting to open her presents.
Still waiting...

Loves this baby Cinderella.

Checking out his cool gifts.
Collin got to participate in the ornament exchange this year for the first time.  He loved it and got a really cool Batman ornament.  But the family took it easy on him this year.  I think he has a little bit of maturing to do before he can really handle all the stealing that goes on!

And as usual, this is what they looked like on the ride home!  (Hence, the cookies, milk, and reindeer food in the afternoon!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2

Our second day of celebrating Christmas (the 23rd) started with a visit to my Paw Paw.  It was a really great visit with him and I'm so glad we took the kids to see him.  I think they really enjoyed spending time with him. 
Oh how I wish this picture was completely in focus, but it's still a good one.  Collin is giving Paw Paw his present - his karate picture.

Paw Paw sharing his peanut butter cookies with all of his great grandchildren.
One for Campbell.
A picture I think she and I will cherish for a long time.
We loved this Santa in the lobby.  But now seeing it in pictures, I can understand why the kids were unsure of him.
Next, we headed to Gran's house for lunch and presents. 
Love this girl...and her eyes.  She loves her "pri-suns". 
I always seem to get a great pic of Gumpy and the boys at Christmas.
Telling secrets.
My sweet girl.
Love this picture of my Gran and Grandaddy.
Silly boys.
Waiting patiently to open.
Who says kids don't like to get clothes as presents?
This kid does.
Collin tearing into some gifts.
All four of them trying to figure out why Gran was so excited about her new trashcan!
To end the night, we took a trip by the Gaddy's Christmas lights on our way out of town.  The kids loved it!  Wish we lived closer and we would go all the time.