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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My big girl!

I feel like Katelyn is officially growing up.  This summer, she started swimming on her own, staying dry at night, refusing to wear a hair bow some days, singing songs I don't even know in the car, and she even wore her first maxi dress the other day!  I took her to the park one day last week when Collin was at school.  As we were playing, I was looking at all of the mommys there with their toddlers, diaper bags, and packed lunches.  All of a sudden, I realized I was almost done with this phase of mommyhood!  Ok, so maybe not until next year, because I seemed to have forgotten for a moment that Kate is not going to school on Fridays.  I remember going all sorts of places with the two of them during the week because all the "big kids" were in school and it wouldn't be crowded... Kate and I will be living it up on Fridays I guess!  But next year, she becomes one of those big kids and there will be no more weekday morning park dates, splash pads, or children's museums.
Until the past few weeks, I couldn't believe she was old enough for pre-K.  It seemed Collin was so much older when he started this year in school.  Until she started using phrases such as "Mom, I was thinking about..." or "Actually mom...".  Or playing her favorite game ("If I had 2 starbursts and you had 2 starbursts, how many do we have all together?").  She is so ready for school to start and I am so happy that she has the same sweet teachers Collin had for pre-K.  It was such a positive year for him and changed his outlook on school completely.  This will be her 4th year at this preschool, so although she loves it already, I have no doubt she will blossom just as much as Collin did and be so ready for kindergarten next year!  And I've already warned his teachers that I will pretty much be a basket case all year long (just can't believe this is our last year at this awesome preschool!).
Oh, and did I mention that the dentist said her bottom two teeth are both wiggly already?  Or that she's ready to try her bike without training wheels?  Or that this summer, she stopped coming to wake me up?  There were quite a few mornings I would wake up and she would have already eaten yogurt and had babies and/or barbies on display in the living room.
Just yesterday, we went to Kroger and she begged me to get a "car buggy".  I said no, because every time I do, she stays in for 5 minutes and then I'm left to run the impossible-to-steer empty car into everything for the rest of the shopping trip.  Considering how fast she's growing up, I'm thinking I should have given in to the car buggy....  

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