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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wet and Wild Wednesdays

So a lot of our Take a Trip Tuesdays overlapped with our Wet and Wild Wednesdays, but here's some more of our fun in the sun!

Love taking the kids to one of my favorite places in the summer...Gran's pool!
Gran with Carrigan.
The girls in their new tutus from Aunt Kandace.
Enjoying a snack with Grandaddy.
 We spent a lot of our time hanging out on our deck with the kiddie pool :)
And eating lots of popsicles and ice cream.
We also had a great day at the Cumming Aquatic Center with an awesome group of family and friends.
Love these boys!
And these girls!!
Picnic Time!  This kid loves his baby cousin.
Sweet, sweet friends.
We also had a fun day at the Suwanee fountains with part of this group.
 And we can't forget the day we went out on Lake Lanier with Nanna and Gumpy. 

Carter, Aunt Kandace, and Campbell
Nanna with Carrigan
The boys begged all day long to fish.
 We went to Lake Lanier Islands for the first time this summer. 
Getting off of the first ride.
And here was his second!!  I could not believe he got on this one!
He rode every ride in the park.
Kate preferred the kiddie area.
The obstacle course.
I think the wave pool was the favorite for both of them.
 And we ended the fun in the sun with one more day at the pool!