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Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 Months!

Happy 10 months Kate Kate!
Here's what the past few weeks have brought you...
1. A tooth! Your first pearly white made it's appearance a week or so after you turned 9 months old. The second is on it's way also. Mommy was finally able to snap a picture of it today.
2. A love of books. You get so excited when you see a book. You immediately sign "more" so someone will read it to you.
3. A trip to see our friend, Jill (an audiologist). You passed your evaluation until the very end when you wouldn't respond to the lower intensity sounds. You were possibly just distracted by Mommy's badge you were playing with. We'll take you back in a few weeks for a retest.
4. Your first PT session. Ms. Maggie saw you last Friday. She thinks maybe your hips are a little weak and move a bit too much. (You can reach for a toy in sitting and practically lay your tummy on the ground.) This is possibly why you have a hard time staying on your hands/knees by yourself. You have been doing better since that day...trying to get in that position. One little foot keeps getting stuck. But with help from Mommy, you can stay on your hands and knees much longer and even rock back and forth. We see a lot of this.
5. Meal time changes. You really disliked stage 3 foods, so we moved to mostly finger foods. Mommy didn't think you were eating quite enough, so we went back to stage 2 plus finger foods. We haven't put a food on your tray that you haven't accepted. Pizza, black olives, waffles, pancakes, turkey, chicken (probably your favorite), tomato, avocado, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, peaches,pears. You name it, you like it. And you got the go ahead from the doctor to have yogurt and cheese as well. You are loving them!
6. Communication! You're taking after your big brother in this area! When you see something you want, you sign "more". As long as we can see where you are looking, we can figure it out. This is most obvious when there is food or a book in your line of sight. Just like we had to with brother, we have to explain to everyone that no, she is not clapping. She wants (insert whatever you are looking at). It's really sweet that you have discovered how to tell us what you want!
7. New games. You've discovered the ever popular game of dropping something just to see it picked up. Over and over again. You also started playing catch with Mommy. And you are surprisingly accurate at throwing the ball back to Mommy every time.
8. Holey pajamas. One day last week, Mommy noticed you had a hole in the foot of your jammies. Then I realized you had a hole in the foot of EVERY pair of jammies you have. I guess you have grown out of your 9 month sleepers. Here you are in your new big girl jammies. (Note to other Mommies: Wal Mart has super cute $5 organic cotton pajamas. I was pleasantly surprised. Collin and Katelyn will both be sporting these until they are discontinued or until they are too big for a 5T).
9. More love for your brother, the cat, and the dog. You get so excited in the morning when we hear big brother waking up and go into his room to get him. The same excited you get when the cat or the dog walk by. It's so cute.
10. Lots of 5-5:30 wake up calls. Okay, you were the wake up call. You and Mommy had lots of quiet playtime in the mornings this month before anyone else was awake. You have been back to 6:30 for the past few days. That's been nice, because Mommy was getting a little tired. 11. More and more love from your Mommy and Daddy!

We love you sweet girl!

Friday, September 10, 2010

How big is Katelyn?

Soooooo big!!

So yesterday, I put Katelyn in her crib while I vacuumed her room. She just looked so grown up to me sitting in there playing with her tea pot (her new fav toy). I thought, well I'll go get the camera and take some pics of her since it's been a few days.

I got some cute shots...

but I never thought I would capture this...
At her 9 month check 2 weeks ago, the nurse asked if she was pulling up to stand. My response? Not even close. What do I know??

Now as an OT, I'm not supposed to be happy about this step towards walking before she's even getting on her hands/knees. So I'll be working extra hard to get her crawling. But as a mommy, I'm proud as can be that she's taken another step forward.

And did I mention she's decided baby food is for babies, and clearly she is not one of those. Here she is after her yummy avocado and diced apples dinner (with a few bites of chicken noodle dinner snuck in by mom).

We love our big girl!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picture Day

Well, not only did I take the kids to have their school pictures taken today, but picture day carried on all day at our house. Mainly because I received my Lightscoop in the mail today and just had to try it out. It is a little mirror device that fits over my pop up flash to bounce the flash and make the lighting look more natural. So we had a small session in the morning just to test it out and got some good shots. Then later this afternoon, I took Katelyn's 9 month pictures and tried to replicate a bathtub picture of Collin that is hanging in their bathroom. I had taken them last week, but was unhappy with the lighting in all of them. (Hence my purchasing a Lightscoop this weekend). So here's a slideshow of my favorites. I haven't edited any of them, so ignore the spots on the background in some of them. And the pics of both of them are the best I could get. Collin is such a goofball lately, and I can't get him to give me a natural smile for anything. (He did great for the photographer at school, however.) Enjoy!