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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Collin has been so excited about Halloween this year, so we spent lots of time preparing (you'll remember we decorated and bought costumes on 10/1) and doing Halloween/fall activities. Last weekend, we went to a corn maze, where we went on a hayride, played in a "corn box", and of course went through the maze (not the whole thing, just a couple of spots on the map). Collin really enjoyed making his pirate potato head pumpkin this year too. He definitely liked that activity better than this one.Yesterday, we went to Nanna's for a fall festival with Nanna, Aunt Kandace, Mimi, Gran, and Grandaddy. Collin had a great time in the bounce houses, and he even got his hair painted! Best of all, they got to try out their costumes! Last night, Collin woke up coughing at around 3:30. I went into the room where he was sleeping to give him some water. He got out of bed and started telling me that we needed to eat dinner and go put his costume on. Needless to say, he has been looking forward to trick or treating! He trick or treated our entire street tonight. His bag was so heavy it was making it hard for him to walk straight! His "treat basket" is filled to the rim. Hopefully he will eat good lunches and dinners so that he can get lots of treats (so Mommy and Daddy won't eat all of that candy!). Katelyn enjoyed her first wagon ride tonight and almost made it the entire time with Collin. Here are some cute pictures of our cute cowboy and little fairy. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1 more to go!

Wow, Katelyn you are 11 months old today! I cannot believe the next time I sit down to write your monthly post, it will be your birthday! Here's what you've been up to this month:

You are ON. THE. MOVE. You know those cute pictures I have taken of you on the 26th of every month? You know, the ones where you sat in the chair, looked at the camera, and smiled? Yeah. Not today. This was the absolute best one. The rest of the time, I was wrestling you to sit back down.
You are crawling all over the place and you pull up to your knees all of the time.

You love brother's toys. If you spot one of his toys within your reach, you immediately drop what you have and make a bee-line for it.

You have another bottom tooth (for a grand total of 2). Which you have used to bite Mommy with on quite a few occasions.

You grew into (and out of) your size 2 shoes. Don't worry, we made a couple of trips to Target this week and bought you some cute brown and black shoes that will hopefully last through the winter.

You went on a slide for the first time, and LOVED it!

You have dropped one nursing session (I think). You now nurse 3 times a day. You also got your first taste of formula. You HATED it.

Therefore, you also got your first taste of cow's milk (against doctor's orders, but I'm glad you did). Because you also HATED that. I have been mixing a small amount in your sippy cup of water to get you used to the taste.

You have completely boycotted falling asleep on your own (however, you have done it for afternoon nap twice). Mommy is not stressing about it and completely enjoying rocking a sleeping baby.

You sleep until 7:30. This is a 2 hour improvement over last month, so THANK YOU!

You cry out for Daddy in the middle of the night to help you find your paci at least 1-20 times. Just tonight, he suggested we put 6 in the crib with you. (There you go as we speak).

Your sweet little ears have been infected since the 28th of September. After 20 days of antibiotics and still bulging eardrums, Mommy had to take you three times for rocephin shots. It was awful. But it worked. Hoping your ears stay clear for the next month. If not, you get to see an ENT who will most likely recommend tubes.

You say dada. And I think you say "all done." It sounds more like "a da" but you say it every time you are finished nursing.

You have bumped your head repeatedly in the past 2 weeks and have your first 2 bruises on your forehead to show for it.

You are still loving food.

And you have an attitude about it (among other things). When it is time to eat, I sit you in your highchair. You proceed to grab anything in front of you (bib, tray, etc.) to where it is almost impossible to strap you in your chair. When I finally get your tray on the chair, you very matter of factly point/tap (repeatedly) on your tray. It's as if you are saying, "Food. Here. Now."

Katelyn, you are sweet as ever and we love you so much. Happy 11 months! Here are a few more pictures I took today while attempting to get your "11 month photo".

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a mess!

Little Miss Katelyn is definitely on the move now. She wants to get into EVERYTHING! Give her a container (box, bowl, bag, etc.) filled with anything and she's quiet for a long time. It's fun to just watch her take each item out, examine it to see if it interests her, shake it to see if it makes a noise, put it in her mouth to see what it tastes like, put it down and start pulling something else out. She made her first official MESS the other day when she got into her diaper bag.
First, it was just her sippy cup.Up next, puffs and tissues.Brief pause to try to get Mommy's camera.Now, what else is in here?Oh, some diapers and wipes.Boring! What else?Girl loves her shoes.Maybe there's an extra paci in here.Mommy uses this a lot. There must be something good in here.Yep. That's a choking hazard. She was 100% supervised during this little adventure, I promise.One of her favorites!Sorry for the mess Mommy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun

We are really enjoying this great fall weather at our house! Last Saturday, we took the kids to the hot air balloon festival here in Flowery Branch. Collin really enjoyed the costume parade. He thought he was the star of the show!I actually got a picture of them both looking at the camera. This is next to impossible these days.
Collin got his face painted for the first time.Collin loved watching them blow up the hot air balloons.
Katelyn wasn't quite as impressed.But she did wake up happy...and she sat in the grass without screaming for the first time!And what's a fall festival without some cute pumpkin pictures? The next day, we surprised Collin with a trip to Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3! Nanna came up to spend time with Katelyn, and Aunt Kandace joined us for the fun! He had so much fun watching the characters, dancing, and looking through his new binoculars.And we have totally loved being able to be outside without sweating to death! Collin really LOVES his playground this year and wants to go out every day and every night after dinner.Katelyn really loves to slide now, as well as swing. I couldn't get a picture of that, because it was just me outside with them this day. But here's a cute one of her anyway. Please excuse the food all over her face and water on her shirt. We loaded up and carried our lunch outside to the picnic table, but Mommy forgot 1.) a bib and 2.) wipes.
And looks like Mike and I won't be having to rake leaves anytime soon. (Not that we do that anyway!)Well, I guess that's all for now. We're off to a hayride at the corn maze. But check back soon. I've got some updates on Katelyn and some pictures of her getting into EVERYTHING!!