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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Congratulations "Bud"!

I thought it was crazy that my oldest graduated from pre-K this year.  Well, even crazier is that the little person who came into our lives when I was in 9th grade has now graduated from high school herself!!  I will never forget getting the phone call (as Maggie and I were riding with home from church with her parents) that mom was in labor.  And now that tiny little baby who I used to rush home from school to play with and blow bubble gum bubbles at just to make her giggle is not so much a baby anymore.  And I couldn't be prouder that she has decided to follow in her big sister's footsteps and go to OT school.  (Like many college students, she might change her mind and that's ok...no pressure!  Ok, maybe just a little.)  We love you and are so proud of you!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Seriously, what is happening?  I just decided on the kids preschool, like, yesterday.  How is it that today was the LAST day of school?  And why did the kids change so much in just 9 short months?
First Day
Last Day

First Day
Last Day
First Day
Last Day
First Day
So, there's not a last day picture of carpool because it wasn't as happy of an event as the first!  Collin is SO SO SAD to be leaving this school.  I guess that's a good thing, because it tells me he had a great year in pre-K!  He is really going to miss his friends and definitely his teachers.  They were so great, and we really saw lots of positive changes in him this year.  I just cannot say enough good things about this school, and I'm pretty thankful that Katelyn will still be there for 3 more years!

Katelyn had a fun end of year party on Monday.  They had pizza for lunch and then headed outside for water play!  We are also really sad to leave her teachers.  Although she didn't ever talk much for them, I know she loved them to pieces and I think the feeling was mutual!
Ms. Eryn, Katelyn, Ms. Rachel
Not really sure what she's doing.  

Just as I wasn't prepared for my emotions at preschool open house, I was NOT prepared for pre-K graduation.  I should know myself better by now.  Goodness.  If it weren't for the music, I might have been okay.  Add in the fact that Collin had spotted me in the crowd and sang each song directly to me and you've got one emotional mommy.  (Have y'all heard the song "Fingerprints"?  Yes?  You know what I'm talking about.  No?  Find it on You Tube now and picture a group of 4 and 5 year olds singing it to their parents.)  

His shoe fell off in the middle of the ceremony.
So glad he can laugh about stuff like that!
Getting his diploma from Ms. Dayna
Collin and Daddy
Me and my little graduate
Collin and Ms. Kristen
Collin and Ms. Jennifer
 Ready or not, Kindergarten here he comes!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have I ever told you...

how much I love being a mommy?  Being a mommy means I get to go to things like this:
Muffins with Mom - May 2012
It also means I get to say that we can celebrate summer a little bit early (ok, really it's our crazy GA weather that allows for this, but I had to fit these cute pictures into this post somehow):
Swinging at the park

Loving the pool on the back deck
Popsicles and Sprinklers
Looking ready for summer at the doctor's office
And it means that I get at least one day a year to do whatever I want for the whole day.  On Saturday, we started our Mother's Day celebration at Mom's.  It was the last time the cousins will get to run around and play together in that backyard (and of course I forgot my camera.  Thank goodness for cell phones.)  The kids had a great time (thanks to Gumpy, his tarp, and dish soap!) and were plenty occupied with each other so that we could all relax and talk a little.

So eager for Nanna to open her gifts!
The kids have always loved running/pushing toys back and forth on this brick sidewalk!
I love how the girls are just watching the boys like they are crazy.  It was a little chilly for water !
The boys

The girls

On Sunday, all I asked for for Mother's Day was to take the kids to the zoo.  Did y'all see the forecast on Sunday??  I decided we were going anyway.  So the day started with a yummy breakfast that was cooked before I even got out of bed.  Then we headed out to Kohls and Target (to get Kate a rain jacket and myself a Starbucks!)  And we were off to the zoo!  And let me tell you, I've been to the zoo when it's hot and sunny and I have to say this is the way to do it:

The tickets are cheaper, too, because they said all of the animals might not be out.  But, they were much more active than the last time I went.  Maybe they don't really like the GA heat either.
First stop - Flamingoes!  Collin insisted on carrying and following the map the entire trip.
Trying to feed the parakeets but they didn't cooperate.
Katelyn giving it a try.
I loved the way this guy just sat and stared at us.
Getting a better look at the tigers.
Looking for some food.

 As if the day wasn't good enough already, Mike decided to cook steak and crab legs for me for dinner.  Yum!  I'm posting a picture of it for Mike.  He likes to poke fun at people who post pictures of their food.:)

Hope all of you mommy's enjoyed your day as much as I did!