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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Princess Katelyn

 Katelyn is not always a really girly girl.  She does LOVE her babies, tutus, and the color pink.  She also now loves to shop, loves anything striped, polka dotted, or ridiculously colorful, and will pitch a complete tantrum in a store over anything that sparkles. 

But she also refuses to watch any sort of girly TV show or movie except for Dora.  (Although she did just decide it was fun to watch TV about 2 weeks ago.)  Her faves are Little Einsteins, Yo Gabba Gabba, the Wiggles, and Kung Fu Panda.  I have pushed Sofia the First, Strawberry Shortcake, and Tinkerbell but she's just not having it. 

She has cute little pink princess forks and spoons, but she ALWAYS chooses spiderman if they are clean.

I gave her a choice of any new big girl panties at the store the other day and she chose Angry Birds.

She "toots" a LOT and cracks up at herself.

She loves to play with Collin's cars and army men over her toys most of the time.

The one thing she asked Santa Claus for this year was a Lightning McQueen.

Now I am not complaining by any means.  I love that little girl so much exactly the way she is.  But I did have to snap a few pictures the other day when she put on her hot pink tutu, hot pink heels, and asked me to "make her a crown with braids". 
This was the best I could do.

We love you sweet Kate Kate!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Tooth Fairy Visit!

After much wiggling and tugging, Collin finally pulled his first tooth last week!  I couldn't believe he pulled it himself.  He let me try a couple of times, but he seemed more comfortable trying to pull it himself, so I let him have at it.  He worked at it for a couple of days before I finally heard, "I got it!" 

 He really wanted to keep his tooth, so he wrote the tooth fairy a letter. 

April 16, 2013
And just for fun, a picture of those first two baby teeth :)
November 2007

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break!

For spring break last week, we were lucky enough to get to travel to Carrabelle, FL with Papa (Mike's dad) and stay in Ms. Susannah's house on the beach.  A completely private beach.  No house or condo in sight.  It looked like this, y'all...
The kids loved when the tide was out and they could play on these little "islands".
 The home had a private pier as well just perfect for fishing.

Per Collin, "best fish sticks ever!"

Kate got a bite within 5 minutes of casting her pink princess fishing pole.
The kids had a great time exploring the beach.  They loved the shells and hermit crabs.  We also saw quite a few horseshoe crabs.  I knew I learned something from that marine biology trip back in college :) 
Kate discovering a clam.

Watching the hermit crabs race back to the water.
Rylee trying to attack the horseshoe crab.
 Oh yeah, we took Rylee to the beach for the first time.  She LOVED it but I think she drank way too much salt water, and it wore her out!

We had to make her lay down in the shade.
Daddy wrapped her up in her blanket the first night and she stayed all cuddled up.

This was probably the first beach trip I've been on where we didn't go to a single restaurant.  It was kinda nice.  I didn't even dry my hair a single time we were there!  We still ate plenty of seafood though!
PB & J the first night on the pier.
Kate helping Papa peel the shrimp.
We had boiled shrimp, shrimp stir fry, fish and shrimp tacos, and a low country boil.  Yummy!

The kids were entertained the whole time by the sand, fish, and "islands".  (Which meant I finally got to read New Moon.  I know, I'm way behind.)

I taught the kids "drip castles"...my favorite as a child.

Loved just relaxing and spending time as a family...and got some cute pictures to show for it!

And of course, I had to try to get some cute beach pics on our last night. 

Thank you Sugar Britches for the sweet dress!

Thank you Ms. Susannah for allowing us to use your house!  And thank you Papa for inviting us!  We had a great time and can't wait to come back!! The kids talk about going back to "the beach house" almost every day!